5 Reasons Why SaaS Solutions (Monthly Subscription-Based Solutions) Are Fueling Growth

5 Reasons Why SaaS Solutions (Monthly Subscription-Based Solutions) Are Fueling Growth - DeOnDe
5 Reasons Why SaaS Solutions (Monthly Subscription-Based Solutions) Are Fueling Growth – DeOnDe

The web-based technology has been around for a while now but we have started seeing its real usefulness since only a decade or so. There are many factors for that and thanks to those factors SaaS solutions are now easily available and fueling the growth of all sorts of business.

The size of the business doesn’t matter as all the SaaS solutions are easily scalable for all types of business from a startup and a corner store to SMBs to enterprise. They have been playing a vital role in the growth story of these businesses and that is the reason they have been very popular.

Factors For The Popularity Of SaaS Solutions

What Is Monthly Subscription Based (SaaS) Online Grocery Ordering Software? SaaS Solutions

SaaS solutions have proven to be very popular and useful for many reasons in the past decade. The web-based technology was available for a long time and even SaaS solutions were available in the market for long. But the cost and availability of high-speed internet and lack of easily accessible, powerful hardware were two big obstacles in the way of its success.

Highspeed Internet

The launch of 4G internet and its widespread availability has changed the dynamics. Highspeed internet is available everywhere and available at a very low cost. It is now within the reach of common people and businesses can easily accommodate its expenses in their overhead.

Powerful Smartphones

And, everybody now carries at least one smartphone. These smartphones are so powerful that people don’t need computers for most of the internet related tasks. They literally carry a very powerful computer in their pockets.

Having overcome these two obstacles, SaaS solutions (monthly subscription-based model) are now immensely popular and fueling the growth of many sectors because of many reasons.

No Huge Capital Investment

SaaS stands for software as a Service. It means that an independent mobile app development company or web development company has already developed software and/or a mobile app for a certain business or sector. The software/mobile app is ready to use and anyone can use it as a service after a nominal monthly payment. This is the single largest reason for the popularity of SaaS Solutions.

Take, for example, a restaurant business. They need food ordering software and mobile apps. If they want proprietary software and mobile apps, they will need to invest a huge sum of money, to begin with. That is not the case when it comes to SaaS solutions. As a result, more and more businesses are adopting them.

No Requirement Of IT Department

The problems of proprietary software don’t end with the huge capital investment. They require a lot of maintenance work too. There will be bugs that need fixing. And, there will be platform specific updates that you will also need to provide. Simply put, you will have to hire full-time resources and create an IT department for the maintenance and upgrades of your proprietary software.

On the other hand, all these responsibilities lie with the SaaS solutions provider when you subscribe to one.

As multiple businesses will be using their solutions, they will have to keep a constant eye on the software and mobile app they have provided. In addition, they have to keep adding features, fix bugs and provide periodic updates to stay relevant and attract new clients. So, you will require no IT department or dedicated resource when you subscribe to one of the SaaS solutions.

Seamless Availability

As all the SaaS solutions essentially reside in the cloud, with a proper setup, you will be able to access it from anywhere in the world. All the reputed SaaS solutions providers use cloud platforms with 99% uptime. So, as a business admin, when you want to access your business from anywhere in the world, what you need is an internet connection and a web browser. You will remain on top of everything all the time with SaaS solutions.

Higher Security

The SaaS solutions providers are responsible for the upkeep of the software and the data. Clients pay them well for it. In addition, they have a reputation to protect too. So they take the security of their software very seriously. On the other hand, plenty of businesses and their customers constantly use their solutions so they discover and report even the minutest of bugs. As a result, SaaS vendors constantly maintain and update their software and mobile apps. They also use multiple geographical locations to set up their servers and regularly backup all the relevant data. End of the day, it provides a higher level of security to businesses.

Easy Scalability

All the businesses are not the same and they are not going to remain the same. They will grow and change all the time. SaaS vendors have to keep these changing dynamics in their mind. They develop their offerings in such a way that a business of any scale can use it. A startup, an SMB or an enterprise, SaaS vendors will accommodate them all. So, you can scale your requirements anytime.

What is more interesting is that most of the SaaS vendors have various subscription plans to suit the requirements and budget of various clients. If you run a small grocery store and you want to serve about 50 orders a day online, you can go for a basic plan. With the growth of your business, you can choose from Plus, Premium or Enterprise plan.

Concluding Notes

SaaS solutions are a win-win situation for all the relevant parties. Nobody has anything to lose and everything to gain by all means. So get in touch with one of the leading SaaS vendors and subscribe to one of their plans if you want to jump-start your business in the online world in a blink.

DeOnDe is a leading SaaS solutions vendor. We have readymade solutions for food ordering software and grocery ordering software. All we require is your brand specification and a nod to begin customizing it according to your requirement. Don’t take our words for it. Have a look at the feedback of our clients and you will know what we mean.

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