Why is White Label Food Delivery App Ideal for your Business?

White Label Food Delivery App

White Label Food Delivery App business, are you running it too?

68% of the food business owners are now registered on third-party food delivery applications to boost their sales.

Today, every restaurant owner has a single dream, to make their outlet sales enhanced compared to the last season or last year.

Well, for the same, it is required to have your White Label Food Delivery App. It helps in branding purposes and saves a lot of commission that you pay to the third-party apps. Moreover, you can continue your third-party sales even after having a food delivery app. La Pinos, Mcdonald’s, and Pizza Hut are doing the same.

What is White Label Food Delivery App?

A Food Delivery App is a smartphone app designed and developed for restaurants to help them serve better with online food deliveries. There are two ways to get a smartphone food delivery application for your food outlet. The first way is to get it designed from scratch by paying a good amount of dollars to the food delivery app development company. The second way is to get a readymade food delivery solution from a White Label Food Delivery App brand like DeOnDe.

In short, a Food Delivery App is a readymade delivery solution that can be customized as per the brand name and requirement on request. The food delivery solution provider delivers you the solution by keeping in mind your branding requirement such as brand name, logo, company policies, etc.

How Covid-19 Has Acknowledge Food Business Owners with the Power of Smart Delivery Apps?

Recently all parts of the world have faced a pandemic. Because of the Covid-19 virus, many businesses are going online, considering the importance of health, safety, and convenience. The restaurant dine-in business faced a complete loss due to the lockdown, but at the same time, the restaurants observed a spike in food delivery orders.

Apart from the restaurant business, many other businesses also acknowledged great support in their business with the help of On-Demand Delivery Solutions. Grocery stores, supermarkets, pharmacy store owners, liquor store owners, meat and pizza outlet owners, and food outlet owners gained maximum benefit during the pandemic period with the help of an on-demand delivery solution.

Here is an infographic that helps us understand how Covid-19 has boomed the delivery business overnight.

White Label Food Delivery App

Why is White Label Food Delivery Apps Apt for your Business?

So, we discussed with you in layman’s language what is a white-label food delivery solution. Now, let me help you understand the benefits of acquiring a food delivery solution like DeOnDe.

  • White-label delivery solutions are readymade; hence, when you acquire them, you need not pay the total amount of development to the solution provider company. All you need to pay is a monthly or yearly rent for acquiring it
  • White Label Food Delivery App solutions never overlook your company branding. These solutions are delivered by keeping in mind your company’s marketing requirements. Hence, the app is customized as per your company logo, brand name, and other elements.
  • Generally, the total cost of development is approximately 15,000 to 50,000 USD for food delivery apps depending upon the features that need to be embedded in the app. But, when you are hiring a Monthly rental solution like DeOnDe, you are paying a rental that is easily affordable from the company’s income.
  • Time plays a crucial role in every business. Likewise, the pandemic was an unwanted call. The government made a lot of changes overnight for the commercial businesses, including hospitality and food. During such time, only a readymade solution has saved businesses from going null as a new food delivery app takes approximately 3-6 months for development.

In a nutshell, we can say that a readymade food delivery solution is quite affordable, time-saving, and appropriate for your business from every business perspective, including investment and marketing.

Reasons, Why You Should Consider DeOnDe White Label Food Delivery Solution?

DeOnDe helps businesses with readymade and White Label On-Demand Delivery Solutions. Be it grocery, multi-delivery, meat, fish, pizza, liquor, food, or medicine, we have ready-made delivery solutions for each business vertical. For helping you create an online marketplace, we help you with affordable rental delivery solutions.

Connect with DeOnDe experts to get your On-Demand Food Delivery Solution at the best prices. For pricing and other features, you can connect us on our official website. contact our business and sales team at [email protected].

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