Online Restaurant Ordering System: Most Innovative and Useful 5 Features

Online Restaurant Ordering System: Most Innovative and Useful 5 Features
Online Restaurant Ordering System: Most Innovative and Useful 5 Features

One of the most trending businesses in today’s date is the food industry business. Being a part of this huge industry is itself an exciting thing. Well, when we talk about restaurants and food delivery outlets, we cannot miss talking about the famous online restaurant ordering system. The restaurant order taking application is one of the best ways to keep restaurant operations smooth and quick.

The Pandemic Wave

In the history of the world, it has been observed that during any time of emergency people consider staying at home with their families for avoiding any kinds of risks and hazards. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have observed that people started trusting the online delivery apps for ordering grocery and food. The incredible idea of an online ordering solution worked like a miracle for thousands of families amidst the pandemic.

Below is an image from Statista that helps one understand the positive attitude of customers towards the online ordering apps during the pandemic wave.

customers towards the online ordering apps during the pandemic wave.


With this blog post, we will discuss the top five must-have and innovative features of the online delivery management system.

  • Order Updates

Order updates is one of the most important features that comes along with the online ordering system for restaurants and delivery outlets. Here order updates stand for the total numbers of order pending, order delivered, order ready to go, etc. 

By investing into an online delivery management solution, you help your business with the ongoing operations view. Here as a manager or the owner, you can check which orders are pending, ready to go and delivered. Also, the list of cancelled orders is mentioned with reason to keep your business grow by overcoming those mistakes in the next cycle. 

The proper order management is the key to successful restaurant management. Right time orders bring in more customers and eventually, more traffic in the near future. An online ordering solution is best for both dine-in and food delivery outlets. 

  • Real-time Tracking

Second most important feature of an online restaurant ordering system is the real-time tracking feature for restaurants, drivers as well as customers. Here the customers can track their upcoming food delivery order online via the online ordering app for restaurants. It helps the customer to stay updated about their order delivery. 

On the other hand, it helps the restaurant owner with complete knowledge about ongoing deliveries and their mentioned delivery deadlines. If deliveries are processed late due to any reason, the system will mark it late for helping the owner to understand about the business process. In fact, an online delivery management system is highly crucial for keeping your business improved and better with time.

  • Business on Screen

Be it restaurant or manufacturing business, having a software that helps to manage the business on screen is highly needed. It is often called the bird’s eye view. The restaurant order taking application brings the entire process of your restaurant on screen including the following elements:

  • Tables occupied.
  • Orders on the way.
  • Orders being prepared.
  • Orders delivered.
  • Billing on the way.
  • Table time. 
  • Business sale item reports
  • Total sales of the day

All these tabs help the manager to keep his control on the business better. It also helps to understand how many more tables can be occupied for the rest of the day. These solutions often come with waiting management features as well that helps the manager to understand how many customers are waiting after the ongoing table services. 

  • Excellent Synchronization 

One of the major uses of having an online delivery management system is that it helps with easy synch. An excellent synchronization is highly crucial for the success of any business including the food and restaurant. When you have your online restaurant ordering system, you can supervise each activity of your business from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is login and check the business screen to understand the ongoing operations. Indeed, it makes it easy for the manager as well as to take the decisions as he can overview the business life over the screen.

A major part of any restaurant or delivery center is the team management. Here it is important for the restaurant manager to keep a complete sync with the kitchen staff for serving the customers right. Having a restaurant order taking application comes in with the benefit to make the team sync better and quick. Customers love it when their food is served quick and hot. Having a 360-degree ordering taking solution brings in more alertness in the restaurant operations thereby minimising the routine risks and errors.

  • Reports and Analysis.

The major benefit of having an online restaurant ordering solution is that it keeps you updated with your business status by helping you download the latest reports such as item wise sales, month wise sales, delivery commissions, tax summary, etc. All these reports are highly crucial to understand about the accounts of your business’s sales. 

Restaurants are a part of the cash industry. Having a detailed online restaurant ordering system with analytics becomes a priority for the business owner. DeOnDe restaurant ordering taking application brings to you the entire business summary with the exclusive admin panel dashboard. The owner can view and control the business via a single business screen that can be operated from anywhere in the world. 

Sp, Consult our DeOnDe business team and get the first demo of our exclusive online delivery management system. We help your food and delivery business get quicker and smarter with the DeOnDe food delivery solution. For pricing and other details, please click here. 

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