How does an Online Food Delivery Application Work?

How does an Online Food Delivery Application Work? Deonde app
How does an Online Food Delivery Application Work? Deonde app

The online food delivery business is growing at a huge pace across the world. Today, all the keen entrepreneurs are looking forward to the food industry for trying their efforts and knowledge. With this blog, we shall help you understand how a typical online food delivery application works.

Friends, we all have been wondering about the success of ‘Food Delivery Industry’. We all have been thriving to enter the same industry for skyrocketing our profits. But what do you know about the ‘Food Delivery Business’?

Technically, the success of any food delivery startup is based on the technology that has been used for ordering the food online. We term it as ‘On-demand food delivery application’. We all have been familiar with food delivery applications like Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, GrubHub, etc. All these applications are the backbone of these startups because, in the food delivery business, the app serves as the central store for placing and receiving the order.


To build a similar Zomato or UberEats application, you need to focus on the requirement of your startup. The very first thing is the ‘Investment’.

What is ‘On-demand food delivery application’?


The On-Demand food delivery applications are like Zomato, Swiggy and FoodPanda; where the users can order the food on demand. These applications are built using two ways; one is the licensed version; where the client pays for the customised design and development, including the source code. The second version is the SaaS-based solutions where the client pays a monthly subscription for using the solution. The SaaS-based solutions are accompanied by white labelling that reflects your brand name on the application.

The monthly subscription solution is quite cost-friendly as you are paying as you use in the form of rent. Mostly the startups prefer to go for SaaS-based solutions for getting their on-demand food delivery application.

On-demand applications are aimed to solve the daily requirements of average people with real-world solutions.

Here are the features of the On-Demand Delivery Application:

  1. Customer Driven Application
  2. Vendor Driven Application
  3. Driver Partner Application
  4. Admin Dashboard

So these features are the three different applications of your delivery brand. All together they help your delivery business to grow systematically and with ease.

Talking about the admin dashboard, it is the panel where the owner of the application or the delivery brand can manage the analytics and reports. It is the dashboard that is responsible for the ongoing promos, coupons, offers and a lot more.

How does an online food delivery application works? (Step-wise)

1: A customer signs up with the food delivery application. After sign-up, the customer starts scrolling the different restaurant menus.

2: The customer adds the dishes in the cart that he/she needs to order

3: However, if there are any coupons or discount offers, it will be applied before the payment.

4: The customer selects the payment option that he/she finds the most appropriate.

5: The Restaurant Owner App beeps with the order notification. Once the vendor accepts the order, the customer too gets notified about the order acceptance.

6: The customer can check about the order preparation time via the app dashboard.

7: The Restaurant Owner contacts the nearest driver-partner and informs about the food pick-up and delivery.

8: After the food is ready, the driver arrives and proceeds for the delivery.

9: On the other hand, the vendor application notifies the customer that the food is on the way.

10: After the food delivery, the customer can share the ratings about the food quality, taste and delivery via the same application.


Closing note

This is how an online food delivery application works. To know more about the three different application features, you can watch our exclusive food delivery application videos.

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